About Us

Delivering decorated uniforms and apparel on-time, accurately and with consistent quality is the sporting goods industries Achilles heel. GOT Manufacturing was recently formed by industry veterans to solve this problem. We offer fully integrated low cost mass manufacturing with small batch custom manufacturing resulting in an unparalleled solution for branded companies who want to be known as industry leaders in service and delivery.

GOT Mfg. coordinates its global manufacturing resources located in 7 countries with its wholly owned manufacturing facilities to provide always in-stock, quick turn, guaranteed on-time delivery of decorated uniforms and apparel. We use proprietary ERP software to facilitate best-in-class service and live by our "Guaranteed On-Time" name.

Our system allows branded companies to take a modest inventory position without running the risk of being out of stock. Modified stock and custom options are also available for broader selection. We offer fully decorated products which are consistent in color, fit and quality. We control the entire supply chain to ensure on-time delivery. We protect your brand!